AUTH-Beekeeping-Sericulture Laboratory
School of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Environment AUTH

AUTH-EMS: The Beekeeping-Sericulture Laboratory of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry is located on the farm of AUTH and has suitable spaces for conducting laboratory tests and field research. The laboratory is equipped with all the necessary equipment for research in
beekeeping and project needs. The laboratory conducts research in various thematic sections (the quality, identification and biological actions of bee products, residues, beekeeping flora, bee pathology, biometric characteristics of Greek breeds
bees, pollination, applied beekeeping, etc.), as well as the provision of services in matters of quality control and training. Apart from laboratory research, the advantage of the laboratory is the maintenance of its own apiary and a specially designed test tunnel, which allow conducting field experiments under controlled conditions. The AUTH team is multi-faceted, specialized in various thematic units of both research and practical beekeeping, recognized both nationally and internationally by publishing papers, participating and organizing conferences and participating in decision-making groups and designing national development programs. It is staffed with scientists of different specialties who hold master's and doctoral degrees in beekeeping. Its research results are used as a basis for establishing quality criteria for beehive products (identification of pure categories of honey, quality criteria for royal jelly and pollen, products with PDO, etc.), as well as for the transmission of knowledge and know-how to beekeepers.